Feedback from participants

“NLP is fantastic. I hope that they never stop that. The team love it and all hope to go. We have taken the language of NLP in our organisation so when they go they don’t find it foreign. From the onset we embraced this as an organisation tool.”

“NLP has been life changing on a personal level. I have a background in counselling and came in critical of the model. I sat through first sessions disengaged. NLP then caught me, and I have since attended many trainings and am now a trainer. NLP touches you personally.“

“NLP had the biggest impact. It is not something that I would have done otherwise. It is out of my comfort zone, but I gave it a chance. It strengthens the organisations leadership. It is a smart move and I've never seen that before with NGOs. It created an environment to meet with like-minded people who were experiencing similar challenges.”

“The NLP training was rated highly. The staff loved that. What they loved was the focus on the human development aspect. They all came out there saying that it was a personal journey.”

“NLP was useful. The learning was something new for me. At first, I was struggling to understand the point and the need but later understood the importance of it and it is crucial as it helped me to understand how I do things and better understand the challenges of the organisation. It was hugely impactful as an individual and an organisation.”

“NLP has been amazing. NLP as a methodology has assisted me in shifting how I see myself and how I approach my own goal setting. It has put me on a different and accelerated self-awareness path. I set goals and plans to reach them.”

“The NLP is a tool that you apply to your personal life. It led to changes in my management style. I’ve developed an attitude of letting go.“

I enjoyed their positive energy and confidence very much their positivity gave me a new way of living the NLP way.

“What I will walk away from the course with is to always ask myself, when I have a problem, what do I want instead.”

“I’ve learnt so much about my inner person who I really am as a human being. I especially enjoyed the coaching model. And just stepping into that environment made me feel alive, happy, safe and in a calm space."

“I found the course eye opening and revelational. With the knowledge gained I’ll be able to make more informed decisions. It will be easier to work with and understand people.“