Our Unique Edge

We use local South African and international trainers to run dynamic experiential leadership courses of between 1 and 8 days followed by support coaching. Our courses are unique and include a mix of leading non-profit organisation leaders and participants from the business and public sectors. We believe we are at our strongest as individuals and a society when we value and embrace the power that diversity offers us.

Our nation building courses draw on our own experience as professional capacity builders both in the private and non-profit sectors over the last 20 years, and we take inspiration from the cognitive exploration Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) leadership framework.

Participants on our courses over the past 7 years have consistently said they greatly value the ‘easy to learn’ tools that allow each of us to achieve excellence in ourselves and from others.

In South Africa, there is a culture of Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are’, a core belief of excellence that we look to build in the hearts of each person on our courses. Many of the leaders we work with have developed deep cultures of trust within their own organisations, specifically by using the tools learned and living the values modelled in the courses.

We offer deep personal development and leadership training experiences. As an active participant on our courses, you will …

  • be empowered to build a better South Africa for all
  • be more curious about improving your life
  • learn new ways of seeing situations and increasing your influence
  • be enabled to explore and connect with your deepest values, and be an example for others
  • develop as a higher-performance leader in business, the non-profit sector or in your community
  • free yourself from the emotional baggage that limits you from reaching your full potential

Some high performance skills you will develop

  • listening: active engaged listening comes from a place of genuine curiosity about yourself and others
  • flexibility: being willing and able to exlore multiple options and possibilities, and respond
  • being calm under pressure, a sign of a great leader
  • leading by example: our leadership training gives you the tools to develop your own roadmap and inspire others
  • appreciating others & giving and receiving feedback: our leadership training gives you the tools to make rapid progress by embracing learning opportunities and taking calculated risks
  • trust: our leadership tools can transform your workplace into a space where people look forward to spending time together, being creative and feel safe to be vulnerable
  • develop emotional intelligence: neuro science research suggests that leaders with higher emotional intelligence are more successful
  • adopt positive solutions : you’ll have renewed confidence in your own abilities and purpose and broaden your perspectives