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Our menu of services…

Giving and receiving feedback.

Use this NLP model to transform your relationships at work and accelerate productivity.

Listening using Clean Questions.

Use this model to learn what motivates your employees; and build enduring relationships.

Vision and goals
strategy 1.

This profound, experiential model is used by high achieving organisations around the world to create sustainable strategies.

Vision and goals
strategy 2.

The Disney strategy uses the Dreamer-Realist-Positive Critic structure to produce deep, exciting and well formed vision and goals.

From vision
to action plan.

Use the Neurological Levels of Change model to create and experience each level of your plan, from your higher purpose vision down to the last details.

Turn your goals into actions.

This novel timeline based model is highly effective in translating goals into clear, well-formed milestones.

Develop rapport quickly.

Learn to match, pace and lead as you increase your skills in communicating with others.

Powerful coaching at work.

Refine your skills as a coach and release your employees potential – simple steps to powerful coaching for any staff member.

of excellence.

Be introduced to a set of transformational work place beliefs that build a culture of trust and creativity.

Delegate &

Learn to delegate in a way that builds confidence and trust.

Discover new perspectives.

Learn this core NLP model and gain radical new insights and perspectives for more choice.

Learn to negotiate successfully.

Learn to use specific strategies to increase the probability of collaborative success.

Prioritise diversity and transformation.

Use NLP to see the depth and opportunity arising from a commitment to diversity.

Team check-ins
that work.

Learn some simple techniques to gain much more from inclusive team check-ins.

Learn Peak Performance techniques.

To keep yourself in a balanced, generative and productive state.