Trusting relationships are vital to the way business is conducted today. It is clearly accepted that the level of trust in organisation relationships, whether internally with colleagues or externally with clients and partners, is one of the greatest determinants of success. And employees are increasingly choosing employers who create a culture of trust. Entities who recognise the importance of a high trust quotient within their business prosper. What is yours?

Key Services
Develop a Trust Mindset at work

Over the last 12 years, we have developed a powerful 3-part framework that helps organisations create trust, where employees:

Who we are
The Trust Connection

We are a specialist leadership development and coaching organisation. We help organisations create spaces where people feel included and worthy and find greater meaning in their lives. Our mission is to build communities of trust and purpose within both the private and public sectors of South Africa with the ambitious vision of – Trusted Connections. Trusting Communities. Purposeful World.

Trust Mindset solution

We can help you turn around these scenarios with our Trust Mindset approach to restoring trusting relationships. 

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Charles grew up at the height of Apartheid, South Africa leaving him searching for meaning and a desire for reconciliation which has become his life’s work. Today, he connects deeply with client’s stories, and supports them in finding their own balance, emotionally and mentally and deepening the sense of meaning in their lives. Charles worked as a Chartered Accountant in delivering international mergers acquisition deals before co-founding an incubation catalyst organization that supports over 100 growing organisations throughout South Africa today. Charles is a Certified NLP Master Trainer and International Coaching Federation, COMENSA and Generative Change accredited Coach.


Zaynub vowed never to accept the pity she received from others because she was an orphan. 30 years later, after a successful career as an air traffic controller, she is highly driven to show other people who don’t believe in themselves because of their circumstances, that they are worthy of respect and opportunities and a life of happiness, fulfilment and purpose. She is an accredited Life Coach, COMENSA registered Coach and NLP Trainer and Coach.




Our Key Services
We offer the following dynamic services, both as public and in-house programmes:

Over the last 12 years, we have developed a powerful 3-part framework that helps organisations create trust, where employees:

  1. Gain new insights into themselves and others and how they think about  the world and their place in it; what’s important to them; recognising what it means to be authentic in how they show up and how much they are aware of their habitual patterns.
  2. Better understand their colleagues – their preferred styles, values and ways of being effective.
  3. Build empathy and strong rapport, being adept and flexible in using different strategies to achieve outcomes, while being sensitive to harmonising team relationships. Together, a focus with a common purpose on performance outcomes. 

The Trust Connection will listen carefully to your specific needs and context, and craft a training and coaching strategy drawing from our core packages: